BS 5950 Design Codes
The BS 5950 steel plugin  will pass trough a standard control for all beam,truss and cable elements and classify each section ( 5 minimum for each element) with regards to BS 5950 p 3.5.  The design strength is evaluated based on the class of each section for all load cases. More than one fem element  can be grouped as a single beam for buckling stability. For members subject to lateral buckling the effective length can be specified in a specific dialogue box. The ability to specify a family of profiles and search for the best one based on the minimum safety factor gives to the user a powerful tool to optimize cross sections in a short time with great benefit on money saving. The interface is simple to learn and understand, after running the check on all or a few elements the rows become RED for not verified ,GREEN for verified and PURPLE for errors in the profile or material specification. Minimum Safety factors are reported for all load cases and we can easily see the rate of material usage comparing them to the optimum ( 1.0 )  Detail information is available for each beam,truss and cable element in a table below the main view pane where for each load case and for a number of specified points ( 5 default ) the forces involved and the design strengths are reported plus the local safety factor. There are 3  detail tables  Strength, Buckling and Lateral Buckling ( if enabled ). We can change all properties like cross sections, materials and buckling length and run the check code for a group or all elements. When satisfied with results a detail or brief report can be printed.

BS 5950 Plugin

BS 5950 Steel design plugin report

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BS 5950 Codes

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